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Build and Manage a Content Operation

kapost helps content marketers manage the entire content operation, from planning to producing to distribute to analyzing

What use is...

Great distribution without the right content?

Widespread awareness if your message isn’t consistent?

Increased production if content isn’t strategic and visible?

Kapost works with the world’s leading companies to bring people, processes, and technology together to create consistent, personalized experiences—at scale.

How do we elevate your organization out of the status quo? Content Operations.

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Research Analysts Agree:

Content Marketing Must Evolve

“By 2021, the term content marketing will be defunct as all marketing content rises to high-quality expectations of attention-limited audiences.”

— Gartner —
Content Operations is the Key to Impactful CX

The World’s Top Brands Are Transforming with Kapost

Marketing Leaders Explain Content Operations [Video]

“Kapost’s ambition for uniting B2B marketing teams are sky high, and it delivers.”


“We still have a long way to go, but it’s all about having people you can trust in your corner”

Skyler MossVP of Digital Marketing at Randstad USA

“Kapost continues to be the tool of choice for our organization—year after year.”

Colby SchwartzManager, Customer Marketing at LogRhythm

“Trust that you can put any kind of a hairball on the table with Kapost and they have a process to untangle every bit of it—there's an answer for everything you can throw out there and it's incredibly empowering.”

Holly OsborneVice President, Brand and Campaigns at Ciena
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Choose an Integration Strategy That Scales with Your Business

Align content planning, production, distribution, and measurement activities throughout your organization.

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marketers planning their content operation within kapost
Helping Teams Plan, Collaborate, Distribute, and Analyze Better—Together

Kapost’s Content Operations Platform

Visualize plans across teams and align to a common strategy
marketers collaborating using kapost
Strategize intelligently by identifying coverage gaps
calendar view within kapost
Centralize assets, tasks, and collaboration
kapost serves as a central repository for all content
Organize finished content for sales to find and share and for marketing and communications to reuse and repurpose
organized content within kapost
Measure the health of your content operation by cross-team visibility, message consistency, and asset usage
content performance chat within kapost
Manage a single, cross-channel taxonomy with robust permissioning and security
permissions view within kapost
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