Content is

The Customer Experience

What if your content required fewer resources, accelerated funnel velocity, and drove measurable value?

Wasted Resources & Missed Opportunity

The digital revolution has created limitless opportunities but also a lack of operational visibility, siloed teams, duplicated work and resources, and, ultimately, inconsistent branding and messaging.

Unused Content

Most content stays inactive.
Calculating the Cost of Content
— SiriusDecisions —

No Visibility

How content aligns to priorities, strategy, and business outcomes remains unseen by marketers.
B2B Content Strategy & Operations Benchmark
— Kapost —

Ineffective Content Marketing

Only one in five marketing leaders manage content effectively.
Content: The H20 of Marketing
— Accenture —

B2B organizations need a unifying thread to align teams, tools, and channels.
They need a new operating model:

A Content Operation

Content Operations Definition: Plan, Produce, Distribute, Analyze

n.    Content Operation

/ kənˈtent äpəˈrāSHən /


An intentional, well-designed model that aligns the people, processes, and tools that plan, produce, distribute, and analyze content.


It’s how marketers, communicators, sales, and customer success break down silos, ensuring a more effective investment in content.

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Core Benefits of a Content Operation


Build trust and influence decisions that lead to happy customers by planning, producing, and delivering the right content for the right person at the right time—and drive revenue acceleration.


Unite all content—from TOFU to BOFU—within a single operations center and common taxonomy to create a seamless, integrated experience across all channels and at all touchpoints.


Create personalized experiences at a moment’s notice with a solid foundation of governance and process that provides the freedom to respond while keeping ad hoc—and wasted—efforts at bay.

Align Teams, Tools, and Channels—Seamlessly

Jump into an intuitive ecosystem that centralizes your teams, tools, and channels. 
With rich integrations and an open API architecture, Kapost makes cross-functional alignment a snap.


Offering more than 60 out-of-the-box integrations, our platform syncs with the most essential tools—CRM, CMS, and more—to keep your marketing tech stack humming.

Open API

From publishing to content personalization, our customers leverage Kapost’s extensive API to ensure the system works in lockstep with every marketing functionality.

Professional Services

With consulting services, dedicated platform managers, and technical expertise, Kapost offers unprecedented support to improve and scale your content operation.

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