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Manage Across Every Team, Tool, and Channel.


Marketing Strategy

  • Strategize with relevant data on what’s working and what is not.
  • Plan an integrated multi-channel, content-driven approach.
  • Engage with the right personas at the right buying stage.


Content Creation

  • Coordinate production of content across your entire operation.
  • Build with B2B specific content types.
  • Tailor your content with custom workflows and important meta-data values.


Cross Team Visibility

  • Know how and where your team is producing content.
  • See your strategy working across initiatives.
  • Easily find content to repurpose and reuse with blazing fast search.


Content Analysis

  • Accurately deliver performance metrics back to marketing leadership.
  • Use data from your previous work to inform future iterations of strategy.
  • Harness deep meta-data around your content to measure its ROI.


Content Re-Use

  • Tap into your operation’s library of work to find and re-package valuable content.
  • Getting work approved is difficult, why not reuse pre-approved content.
  • Under-resourced teams can get their work done by repurposing others’ work.


Maximizing Your Tech Stack

  • Consolidate your work across many tools into one central content management system.
  • Lower your operational debt by eliminating burdensome workflows.
  • Manage all your content types and their destinations through a single hub.

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