Your Marketing Strategy Like Never Before

Does your content say what you want it to?


For the first time, marketing and communications leaders can see how well their content inventory aligns to core messages and strategy with Kapost’s AI-powered platform.
See it in Action

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The marketers we work with get to know their customers and create messaging that resonates. Several have content scoring tools that show individual content pieces work.


But in an organization producing hundreds or thousands of assets each year across dozens of geographies, product lines, and channels, no CMO really knows whether content faithfully delivers on its purpose. Until now.


Christine Bottagaro

CMO | Kapost



Consistent Messaging Stands Out

The battle for customers’ time, attention, and money is not won with one great asset. The average marketing organization works across 11 channels, because customers don’t look for solutions in only one place.

That means leaders need to ask, “Does our content highlight core themes consistently for our customers? Or is our value proposition fragmented and unclear?

Looking At Content As Only Machines Can

Artificial Intelligence is not (yet!) the source of the most creative campaigns. But combined with a decade of working with enterprise marketers and communicators, AI can begin to measure the unmeasurable.
MessageAI allows leaders and strategists to ask previously unanswerable questions:
  • What does our content actually say, and is it what we want?
  • How have core messages and themes evolved over time?
  • Are we experimenting intentionally or chasing disruptive ad hoc requests?
  • Do our processes result in content that’s well aligned to our strategy?

What’s Under the Hood?


Higher-Dimension Math

It may look like magic, but it’s a lot of higher-dimension math. Advanced semantic and natural language algorithms boil content down to its essence and pinpoint attributes that truly stand out. From there, we create an interactive visualization that users can filter and explore to extract powerful insights.

Powerful New Insights, From the Only Platform Built to Manage Your Content Operations End-To-End

MessageAI only adds to Kapost’s advanced analytic capabilities marketers and communicators use to operationalize marketing strategy, from planning amazing content and campaigns, to producing and delivering impactful customer experiences.