Content Operations

Content Operations


If you believe in...

Purposeful marketing over endless requests

Visibility over dysfunction

Creative thinking over ticket-taking

Authenticity over insincerity

Working smarter rather than harder

Collaboration over division

Consistency over disjointed experiences

Ingenuity over the status quo

It’s time for an operating model that works as hard as you do.


Of marketing leaders believe their companies will mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX in two years.


Believe their CX has exceeded customer expectations.

Exceptional Customer Experience Is Yours for the Taking

Customer experience CX is the battleground of today’s business. Consumers expect value before, during, and after they buy. Marketers are uniquely positioned to give it to them.


By pulling it all together and collaborating across teams to tell consistent, compelling, personalized stories throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

With a content operation, marketers can collectively see—and optimize—the end-to-end customer experience to influence a measurable, lasting impact on their business.

What Will It Take to Build Your Legacy?

kapost helps content marketers manage the entire content operation, from planning to producing to distribute to analyzing

n.    Content Operation

/ kənˈtent äpəˈrāSHən /


An intentional, well-designed model that aligns the people, processes, and tools that plan, produce, distribute, and analyze content.


It’s how marketers, communicators, sales, and customer success break down silos, ensuring a more effective investment in content.

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It’s Not a Trend. It’s a Transformation.

Who Is Leading the Charge?

Innovative organizations such as IBM, GE, Commvault, and many others have already experienced transformational benefits from their content operations.

Read their success stories.

Content Operations > Content Marketing

Marketing thought leader Ardath Albee untangles the jargon to highlight key differences and benefits of a true content operation.

Dive into the details.

How Does a Content Operation Work?

Synopsys not only optimized their marketing organization but achieved ultimate sales enablement with a content operation.

Watch how they did it.

What Does it Take to Get There?

More Than Just Another Software Solution

marketers planning their content operation within kapost

Innovators know they must empower people—both customers and employees—to impact the business by ensuring they are:

  • Confident in leadership and the why of content operations.
  • Informed of progress toward goals
  • Held accountable to commitments
  • Equipped and supported in executing key tasks
  • Heard and encouraged by their peers
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