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We’re here to help you increase marketing impact and get measurable results from your content operation. Kapost’s customer success, support, and advocacy teams are dedicated to sharing best practices, resolving questions, and sharing your successes with other B2B marketers who want to learn from your experience.


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Customer Success

Kapost is your partner in delivering value to your organization through a successful content operation. Using defined metrics (KPIs) to demonstrate progress and growth, your dedicated customer success manager is here to support your goals, help you navigate changes in your organization or MarTech stack, and identify areas for improvement in how you leverage the Kapost platform.


Technical Support

If you have a technical issue, we prioritize swiftness and accuracy and get you answers so you can focus on what you do best—incredible B2B marketing. A 99% satisfaction rate from our customers on issue resolution is proof of our dedication to your success with the Kapost platform.


Customer Advocacy

Do you have a content operations success story? We’d love to help you share it. Work with our customer-obsessed team on blog articles or webinars that showcase your thought leadership, film a documentary of your content operations transformation, or start small with a quote that describes your experience. We’re also here to connect you with other B2B marketing leaders so you can exchange tips and best practices.

You are truly one heck of a company, made up of absolutely the best, most helpful and most dedicated people in the business. You have a customer for life in me, and I will shout your praises from the rooftop. We still have a long way to go, but it’s all about having people you can trust in your corner.

Skyler Moss
Senior Director of
Content Marketing
Randstad USA
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