Best-in-Class B2B Marketing Takes More Than Software

“The COA workshop discussion provided the most in-depth, richly productive, and thought-provoking content strategy conversations that I have had in my career.”
— Jessica Vose | Director of Content | Cylance

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The path to better marketing includes a hard look at the status quo, a clear vision for the future, and a plan to connect the two.

Content Operations Assessment

Examine the current state of your content operation, bring together key stakeholders, and benchmark your maturity against peer companies.


Vision and Roadmap

Clearly articulate your vision, and build the communication and execution plans to align all teams to a common goal.


Identify and drive immediate process improvements and team alignment while implementing a new content operations platform.

Strategic Taxonomy Review

Gain cross-functional alignment by exploring your current nomenclature, gathering stakeholder feedback, and building a roadmap to mature the impact of your strategic taxonomy across sales and marketing.

Your Content Operations Guide

Kapost is here to optimize your investments by diving deeply into the strategic elements of your content operation through structured workshops and customized engagements.

Services to Drive Successful Change

Marketers spend up to ​one-third of their budgets on software​. That investment is simply wasted when siloed tools cannot fully support organizational goals to drive marketing and sales results. At Kapost, we’ve worked with thousands of B2B marketers and learned that failure to improve how​ work is done across teams and roles is often at the root of underperforming technology implementations. That’s why Kapost has developed ​frameworks​ and consulting workshops to help marketers understand their unique combination of people, processes, and technology to drive successful change.

The value begins by bringing together key stakeholders and leveraging a conceptual framework to assess and benchmark the current-state maturity of the content operation. Then Kapost’s consultants work with your leadership to develop a vision of the future-state content operation to elevate content out of functional silos and into alignment with the strategic objectives of your business.

Finally, Kapost’s consultants work with you to fill in critical but often missing pieces, such as a strategic taxonomy, and develop targeted workshops to support implementing the ​Kapost Platform​ and drive successful changes in process at any level throughout the content operation.

My goals were to organize and streamline our content operation, along with making the right content more accessible to sales. We achieved all of those goals.

Emily ReynoldsSenior Director of Marketing | Phunware

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