Ditch the Content Chaos. Discover the Trusted B2B Marketing Solution

Discover the Trusted B2B Marketing Solution









Visualize Your Content Strategy

With unparalleled visibility into content strategy, you can focus on customer-centric content that supports your business objectives—and avoid the all too common strategic drift

Start with Customer Insights

Ensure your creative insights power strategy and execution when you place the customer journey at the center of your content operation

Manage Work Intelligently

Map your campaigns and key initiatives across weeks, months, or the year to match flawless execution with changing business needs

Interrogate Your Content Strategy

Matrix views allow you to evaluate your plans from multiple points of view, so key activities work in parallel to organizational goals

Discover Strength in Flexibility

Utilize real-time calendaring updates and dynamic workflows to easily identify, solve, and streamline strategic roadblocks to success

Work Together Seamlessly

From fewer emails to shorter meetings, discover the tools your organization needs to run efficient and effective marketing campaigns, start to finish

Eliminate Ad Hoc Content

Organize multiple pieces of content around a single creative brief with configurable initiatives that save time planning key activities

Deliver Results—Faster

Standardize both tactical tasks and high-level approvals using workflow templates and automating content types with smart deadlines to drive efficiency

Collaborate on Content In-App

Find streamlined workflow tools—@mentioning, attachments, annotations, and more—everything you need to create great content in one place

Cut Through Complexity

Save custom views and configure reports to quickly share the right view of the content operation with any stakeholder—from writer to CEO

Centralize Content Management

Use the live editorial calendar to coordinate the content operation with ease and provide visibility to executives, partners, and other teams

Eliminate Organizational Silos

Solicit content ideas across channels, chat to deepen understanding, and seamlessly track requests to keep a pulse on business needs

Search and Share Effortlessly

Avoid the content waste trap with a single, centralized form of content truth, including publishing across external channels and theme-specific internal collections

Right Content, Right Context

Tag and curate content targeting personas, buying stages, and more to guide customer-facing teams to the right messaging every time

Put Content Where Teams Need It

Provide contextual recommendations by integrating your curated repository with intranets, partner portals, or Salesforce/CRM systems already in use

Create Once, Publish Anywhere

Publish content to web, marketing automation, and social tools with out-of-the-box integrations, and track what’s shared internally and by sales

The Right Asset, Just Clicks Away

The days of getting lost in the shared drive are gone. Robust metadata and powerful search make finding the right piece of content fast and easy

Measure Value, Not Vanity

Analyze performance to understand your content operation and improve future strategy—driving organizational change and delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time

Diagnose Hidden Content Gaps

Analyze your content inventory by persona, buying stage, product line (and more!) to cut through the chaos, ensure coverage, and assess strategic plans

Cut Cycle Time for Key Content

Surface production and velocity metrics to demonstrate value to leadership and make data-driven improvements to your content operation

Better Performance, Less Waste

Reduce wasted effort and focus on effective messaging by surfacing content shares and utilization internally and externally

Tie it Together with Content Scoring

Attribute funnel conversions and revenue not just to individual content assets, but also to key themes across the content operation

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Ditch the content chaos. Discover the trusted B2B marketing solution.