Your B2B Marketing Strategy Workbook

What’s Inside?

  • Steps to plan, create, execute, and optimize your B2B marketing strategy
  • Templates to guide you through each stage of the content lifecycle
  • Maps to fill out your ideal customer journey

You Know the Best Practices, Now Apply Them

B2B marketing is full of complexity. Have you ever wished for a guide?

Fortunately, we’ve made just that. This workbook takes you through every stage of the content lifecycle: plan, create, distribute, and analyze. Do everything from map out the customer journey to aligning key stakeholders, guided step-by-step by Kapost’s very own marketers.

The success of marketing efforts is tied to your strategy—plain and simple. Even if a campaign is successful, is it actually accomplishing business objectives if it’s not aligned to a broader marketing strategy? Probably not.

Start building your strategy now.