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Powerful Marketing-Sales Alignment

The Kapost Content Gallery for Salesforce® is a powerful integration that puts the right content at the fingertips of every sales rep, in a location they already know and use.  Deliver a more consistent, compelling buyer’s journey, while also accelerating time to revenue and deal velocity.

Recommended content for your sales team to use exactly when and where they need it—in their existing Salesforce® workstream.

  • Best content for every lead, contact, or opportunity
  • Recommended, trending, shared, and favorited content
  • Less time searching and more time closing deals
  • Crowdsource ideas for customer-driven content

Deliver the right content, to the right prospect, at the right time like never before.

  • Share Kapost content directly from Salesforce®
  • Enable social selling to increase content usage
  • Streamline your team’s sales process

Measure content sharing with leads and contacts, so you know how your team is finding, sharing, and using content.

  • Generate custom Salesforce® reports
  • Track across leads, contacts, and opportunities
  • Track internal usage of every asset
  • Increase sales alignment to reduce waste

The Kapost Gallery feature is tailor-made for sales teams; users can browse the newest content or search via a specific product, persona, buyer stage or any other custom parameter. Think of it as a California Closet for your disorderly sales content.”


Shelly Lucas

Content Marketing Director at Dun & Bradstreet

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