The 7th Annual

Kapost Awards

Recognizing 2018's leading content operations and revenue teams and the thought leaders driving them.
Winning organizations leverage Kapost to better align teams, enhance customer experiences, and create high-performing content throughout the funnel.
These content operations led the way 2018—and continue to raise the bar in 2019.
Click on the logos below to read what sets the world’s leading content operations apart.

Content Operations Leader of the Year

These companies have built robust content operations to align teams, plan strategically, and make less content matter more.

Global Content Visionaries

Scaling a content operation across the globe is no easy feat. These brands have introduced impactful strategies at an unprecedented scale.

Content Operation to Watch

They may be new to content operations, but these companies are taking the transformation head on.

Kapost Power Admin of the Year

These Kapost experts are always there to show their teams new features and keep them on track—and in Kapost.

Most Impactful Content Experience

These teams are living the dream by creating less content while making a bigger impact. How? With robust taxonomies, first-rate tagging, and insights into content gaps and strategic priorities.

Adoption Mobilizer

These change-makers have engaged new users while building excitement about content operations, visibility, and Kapost.

Best Cross-Team Collaboration

These silo-smashers unite teams across departments and geographies to create content more efficiently and deliver a customer experience that makes other brands jealous.

Biggest Transformation

You’d hardly recognize these teams a year ago! Since then, they’ve led significant growth to lay the groundwork for exceptional content operations.

Customer Experience Visionary

These teams always put the customer first—from content strategy to delivery.

Most Optimized Content Ecosystem

Technology alone isn’t enough to build a successful content operation, but it is an essential foundation. These MarTech stacks of these companies utilize integrations to keep content operations moving forward instead of slowing them down.

Sales Enablement Champion

Great content is only valuable if sales can find and use it. These teams put Kapost Gallery, tagging, and marketing-sales alignment to work to empower their sellers.

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