The B2B Field Marketing Playbook


Learn How To:

  • Plan cross-functional, regional marketing campaigns that align sales and marketing goals
  • Create a collaborative process for executing field marketing content to support corporate initiatives
  • Distribute field marketing content and messaging efficiently to your regional sales reps
  • Optimize field marketing campaigns using real data and prove your contribution to revenue

Is Your Field Marketing Content Supporting Sales?

B2B field marketing has undergone an evolution. What once was an events manager and sales enablement role, field marketers are now “regional CMOs,” responsible for supporting sales goals and regional marketing programs—and proving the return on investment. But how do you get sales the field marketing content they need to speed up the sales cycle and drive results?

It’s your time to shine field marketers! Here’s a playbook created just for you.

Get your copy of The B2B Field Marketing Playbook, and learn tactics to manage content at every stage of the content lifecycle. Happy marketing!