How Phunware Built a Scalable, Streamlined Content Operation

When Emily Reynolds was hired to oversee content production at Phunware, the company had just begun building out its marketing team. Tasked with operationalizing and standardizing a process for managing content across as many as ten industry verticals, Emily rose to the challenge.

The Challenge

Tracking deadlines and deliverables with manual to-do lists, spreadsheets, and Dropbox, Emily got an initial content operation up and running. But to take Phunware’s marketing to the next level, she needed to scale. “It became obvious that we needed to produce more and better content, but our approach wasn’t scalable. We didn’t have any analytics around content production or consumption, and we had a huge problem with accessing content and version control,” said Emily.

Limited Visibility and Context

Laborious Processes and Workflows

Inability to Scale

The Solution

Starting from scratch, Emily and her team first developed buyer personas for their target industries and built workflows inside of Kapost. “Having all of that pre-built into Kapost was really helpful. It kept us organized, in sync and focused on the right things,” said Emily.

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Building Best-in-Class Content Operation

Using the Kapost platform to structure Phunware’s various marketing initiatives, Emily adopted industry best practices to operationalize the planning and production of content assets and marketing campaigns. “Kapost has allowed us to build best practices—including account-based marketing and sales enablement—into our workflows. It has standardized our process and taken the work out of campaign planning and building to-do lists.”

Centralized Communication

Now that workflows have been built and automated, Emily’s team oversees as many as 100 pieces of content in production at once—all managed directly inside of Kapost. “There is no way we could have that many projects going on at the same time without Kapost. We would be in inbox hell,” she said. Communications that were once managed in email are now tracked via workflow tasks and an activity feed where team members can ping each other to discuss a content asset or marketing initiative.

Enabling Sales with Content

With a streamlined content operation in place and communications housed in a single, central location, Emily’s team easily socializes content with the sales team. Completed content is now curated within the Kapost Gallery using persona tagging, thematic collections, and shareable URLs. The curated view, along with description fields, allows the Phunware sales team to quickly find the right content for the right prospect at the right time.

Maturing with the Marketing Organization

In the years since Phunware first became a Kapost customer, Emily’s role has changed and she now leads Phunware’s marketing organization—an organization that runs on Kapost. As the Phunware’s marketing has grown and matured, so has its use of the tool, including finding ways to incorporate account-based marketing, sales enablement and more.

“My goals were to organize and streamline our content operation, along with making the right content more accessible to sales. We achieved all of those goals.”

Emily Reynolds

Senior Director of Marketing at Phunware

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