Scaling Content Marketing Across a Global Organization


All three LinkedIn business units— Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Sales Solutions—are up and running with Kapost as their content marketing solution. Together the three teams have produced 23 multichannel campaigns built from 29 unique content types.


“It’s incredibly powerful. We couldn’t do this without some sort of platform to organize everything we did. We now have all our assets nice and organized. Everyone on our team has access to one central location. We can easily pass along feedback, where the asset is. And we have a central editorial calendar.”


 Jason Miller

Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn

LinkedIn focuses on creating “big rock” content assets that both “own conversations” in the competitive space and also fuel multi-channel, multi-distribution campaigns with derivative assets and promotions. One recently released “big rock” asset resulted in the following wins for LinkedIn.

  • A, “rolling thunder” approach using their blog, Showcase Page, and Sponsored Updates
  • Multiple demand generation campaigns fueled with content
  • And, more than a year later, it continues to be a huge driver of marketing qualified leads


Kapost Insights® cut LinkedIn’s content analysis time in half. Users have a quick and clear understanding of how their content is performing in the market. Custom reporting provides the ability to drill down into any of their KPI’s like never before. Moving forward they are able to intelligently plan their allocation of resources based upon the data collected from Kapost Insights®.

  • 23 multichannel marketing campaigns executed, distributed, and optimized.
  • 29 content types used in their marketing campaigns.
  • Kapost’s analytics dashboard to assess what’s working and what’s not.
  • Sophisticated multi-source metrics including the attribution modeling feature Content Scoring and performance metrics.
  • Data-backed content insights to pinpoint areas to optimize content for future campaigns and stronger ROI.

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