Scaling the Content Operation



When Steve Barnard joined Lenovo in 2008 as senior marketing manager, the organization was navigating the difficult transition from a traditional broad-based print marketing and sales enablement strategy to highly targeted digital content marketing. To jumpstart their modern marketing efforts, Steve started to leverage marketing automation tools, but quickly realized the content management process that fueled marketing automation was unwieldy. Lenovo turned to Kapost to transform its marketing content operation. Kapost was essential in creating a streamlined marketing content program that was both scalable and efficient. With Kapost’s help, Lenovo doubled its asset production over the course of two years, and increased revenue by 58%, allowing Lenovo’s marketing team to engage and educate their audience with customized content.

“Kapost has given us more specific workflows and made our content production more actionable over time. I don’t see how we could manage content production without Kapost.”

Steven-Barnard-50x50 Steve Barnard

Director of NA Commercial Marketing at Lenovo
  • No visibility. Lenovo’s departments were siloed, resulting in ad hoc content creation within each department. Once content was produced, there was an inability to locate, access, and make revisions to content across internal and external contributors.
  • Limited processes or workflows. Content creation didn’t follow a scalable, repeatable process, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • No ability to measure the effect of content on key business objectives. Lenovo needed a way to tie content marketing to key performance indicators.


Kapost helped Lenovo standardize its content process, create visibility across departments, and reduce inefficiencies across teams and within them. By using Kapost, Lenovo reduced cost expenditures on staff while saving money on content reuse and repurposing. Kapost provided the integrated marketing framework for all Lenovo’s initiatives and derivative assets.

  • 58% increase in revenue
  • 2X asset production
  • 1/2 time spent on team administration

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