Visibility Across the Content Lifecycle


With a small team responsible for a growing volume of content, IBM needed to find an efficient way to manage their content production cycle. At a time when they needed to move quickly to expand their content operation, laborious processes were hobbling their agility. Using a static chart as an editorial calendar, Tara Dunn, Inbound Marketing Strategy Lead / IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub Editor in Chief at IBM, managed her publishing cycle by manually updating cells—often for hours at a time—and collaborated with her teams through email.


“Everything was in email so there were lots of crossed wires, items in and out of workflows, and details missed. We kept it together, but it was definitely labor-intensive work. Now everybody is so well trained that everything happens within Kapost. There’s a trackable thread, we never lose a detail, all you have to do is scroll through and grab it.”

TaraDunn-50x50Tara Dunn

Inbound Marketing Strategy Lead / IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub Editor in Chief at IBM

To collaborate on content and campaigns with her core team, executives, and stakeholders from around the world, Tara needed a more efficient and streamlined process. She began looking for a solution that worked dynamically, in real-time, to give her teams visibility across the content lifecycle.

  • Limited visibility and context around content development and completion
  • Collaboration was stifled because of laborious processes and workflows
  • Producing a high volume of content without efficient ways to manage production


Using Kapost Content Suite, IBM has streamlined their content production while also giving key stakeholders access to important content calendars—all in one place. The best part? Her teams and stakeholders actually use it. “Now everybody is so well-trained that everything happens in Kapost. It’s entirely second nature. In fact, Kapost has become a verb, ‘to Kapost’ something. ‘We’re going to Kapost this, have you Kapost-ed that?’” said Tara. Moving conversations off email and into Kapost has not only dramatically sped up the production process with visible content deadlines, but it keeps everyone within the organization on the same page.

  • Multiple teams gained visibility into the content lifecycle
  • Created a centralized content calendar and 10 custom views accessed by 179 unique viewers
  • Collaboration is streamlined, allowing for greater accountability and transparency around roles, deadlines, and ownership of each piece of content
  • Ability to produce twice as much content

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