Operationalizing a Marketing Strategy

Using Kapost, Commvault successfully brought true alignment to the entire content operation while increasing traffic, conversions, and revenue in the process.

The Challenge

Before Kapost, content was living everywhere with no clear strategy around creation or distribution. Commvault knew they needed a content strategy to reach their goals—spreadsheets weren’t going to cut it. The team desperately needed alignment of strategy across teams and a single source of truth for full-funnel content.

 Lack of Team Alignment

 Undefined Content Strategy

 Assets Lacked Manageability

The Solution

From a seamless rebrand to alignment across teams, Kapost allowed Commvault to successfully operationalize their marketing strategy. The Commvault marketing team is prepped for whatever gets thrown their way—whether it’s a branding exercise or a shift in strategy—taking changes and pivots in the company with ease.

Read on to learn more about how Commvault used Kapost Studio to operationalize strategy or download the pdf.

Powering the Rebrand

When most marketers hear the world “rebrand,” they don’t immediately think of a straightforward project. But for Commvault, taking on a rebrand was really that—straightforward and seamless. The process of checks and balances in to the Kapost system operationalized the rebrand of every asset, aligning both old and new content to updated brand standards.

Enabling True Alignment

Commvault no longer worries about things slipping through the cracks or changes throwing them off kilter. Workflows create a system of checks and balances to ensure content has been approved—from legal to customer case studies. Kapost Gallery provides visibility across the company, ensuring everyone at the company, from sales to leadership has access to the most relevant, up-to-date content at any given time.

Content Strategy—Redefined

Once personas and buying stages were defined, Kapost outlined missing content from each persona at each place of the buyer’s journey. “It’s made people more discretionary in what content they create… Everyone is now thinking in a more consumable fashion,” said Dawn Colossi, Senior Director of Worldwide Digital Marketing.


“Kapost was a lifesaver for our rebrand. [The] content audit was a few clicks of the button, which allowed us to add workflows for what pieces of content needed to be changed, chipping away at the process in a streamlined way.”

Catherine Geeslin

Content Coordinator at Commvault


Grew web traffic

Overall impressions increased

Digitally engaged accounts grew

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