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You can now send files to Box!

By April 10, 2013 No Comments

Kapost is proud to announce that we have released an integration with Box today.   If you’re not familiar with Box, the service allows you to collaborate and share all of your assets, documents, etc. internally and externally.

Kapost’s desire to integrate with Box comes with the thought that it’s a handy  and popular tool for content marketers. It is often used as another collaborative tool to share files amongst your team and we also understand, there are many colleagues within your company that may not use Kapost day-to-day.

Now Kapost makes it easy for you to send files to Box, these file types include photo, videos, PDFs, and many more. If you have a Box account, anyone can set this up with your Kapost instance. To learn how to setup your Box account, please check out our Help Article here.


If you have any questions, contact your Kapost Account Manager or Support. We look forward to your feedback!

Brian Busch

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Brian Busch is the Director of Product Marketing at Kapost. He spends his time on messaging for frequent feature releases, keeping a pulse on the MarTech ecosystem, and running off to the mountains when no one is looking.