Hey there. I’m Aubrey, managing editor of the very blog you’re reading right now!

Let me tell you a secret. Sure, I’m a marketer by day, but my true passion?


I’m a sucker for a well-worded, perfectly punctuated strand of sentences. (I’m also pretty into alliteration if you didn’t notice.)

Now, it’s probably no surprise that a marketer loves words. Whoop-di-doo, Aubrey.

What is important is that my words brought you here. And that’s the trademark of a good blog.

How to Create a Blog Worth the Words

Whether you’re starting a blog, restrategizing an existing blog, or just looking to make better content, you’ll need a couple things before you start:

  • Something to say
  • Someone who wants to hear it

And, that’s it! You’ve got a blog. Right? No?

Alright, I confess: it’s not just about those two things—but once you have those defined, your blog is off to a pretty good start.

From there, you’re not alone. In fact, I was just on a panel of fellow marketing bloggers to share our learnings on what exactly makes a good blog.

See the full video here.

Check out one of my favorite questions:

What makes a successful blog live q&a.

I love this question because I can’t answer it with a number. I can’t give you a magic quantity or time of day to post to ensure that your B2B blog takes off.

A question like this was meant to have a simple answer, but the reality is so much more interesting than that!

Want to know how I answered? Tune in to the on-demand webinar. You’ll also get answers to these questions:

  • How do you measure your blog post success?
  • How do you convert a press release into a blog post most efficiently?
  • How do you attract readers?
  • And more!

Check it out for yourself here. And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly blog digest to see for yourself what our blog strategy looks like.

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Aubrey is a former Content Marketing Manager here at Kapost. When she's not dreaming of helping marketers build content operations, you can find her falling down a mountain attached to a snowboard or cuddling with her pup, Sierra.