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Wednesday Webinar: Planning and Calendaring for Content Marketing Success

By August 6, 2013 No Comments

Last Wednesday, Anne Murphy, and I hosted a webinar on planning and calendaring for content marketing success. We had one of our largest turnouts and received excellent questions. Anne is Kapost’s Managing Editor, so it was really helpful to have her speak to real-life situations and best practices.

Planning and calendaring seems basic, but as our content marketing strategies become more complex and we have greater goals to achieve, sometimes the basics get left in the dust. Anne and I wanted to provide some tips on a content process that will ensure you don’t bail on your foundations, and you don’t get bogged down before you’ve even started.

On the webinar we discussed defining important roles for a better content operation, designing an editorial board, campaign planning, and most importantly, the process of creating content pillars to distribute content across the funnel. Did you miss it? No sweat. The full deck is published here and the recording is included below.

This is a monthly series covering content marketing best practices as well as Kapost best practices. If you have suggestions on how to improve the #WedWebinar series or topics you would like Kapost to cover in the future, please email us here.

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