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Can’t Get Your Manager’s Attention? Tie Content to Revenue.

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Getting your boss’ attention isn’t easy. Getting her boss’ attention can be an Olympic feat.

Try something new: next time you are presenting to each of them, use exactly one presentation slide. Title it, “Revenue.” If you’re digging into your analytics on your content, email, and marketing operations platforms, you should be able to tie your monthly marketing efforts to real money.

Most often, we work hard designing a series of “Monthly Status Update” slides with what we’re doing and justifying why we’re doing it. Sure, the survey you sent out last month does point to the need for better targeted email campaigns. But the folks in the C-suite care about incremental revenue—not the machinations of your daily work list. If revenue, life-time value, and relevance are your company’s marketing MO, then you’ll be right on target.

Understand what your analytics platforms are telling you and create that customer journey storyline for yourself. You may learn that a particular whitepaper download garnered 10 leads and one of them turned into a marketing qualified lead and then a sales qualified lead. With this information, you’ll be able to talk in terms of revenue. If the lifetime value of a new customer is $10,000, then start with that number and work backward. Attribute a dollar amount to that customer’s action—downloading that whitepaper. Doing so means you can tie real customer actions to real revenue.

Now, this assumes you’re providing content to your audience that is relevant for them. Relevance supports revenue. The goal of putting forth relevant content is to connect with your customers, and connections take many forms—including customer loyalty. Customers become loyal when you provide meaningful content. Some content you can easily tie to revenue (for example, gated content), some may be more tricky, but don’t lose sight of providing value to your customers.

Revenue will come when you achieve the trifecta of relevance, receptiveness, and relationships.

Sheila Miklos

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