Our latest marketing trends webinar was a huge hit. If anyone was wondering if marketers still love trends, we can safely say they definitely do.

Missed it? Watch the on-demand version here.

Now that we’re all on the same page, do you remember the Q&A at the end? If so, now you’re probably wondering where that great followup email is with all those amazing resources and reading lists. Well, here are the slides we promised you.

Even better, you’ve landed on the reading list, so keep reading for the must-read resources according to Mathew Sweezey. And if you (like many of us) ignore the automated followup email after attending a webinar, go back and search your inbox for those downloadable resources that will get you started on putting this trends to good use in your organization.

Mathew Sweezey’s Ultimate Reading List

Coming Soon!

  • Report On Purpose by the Economist Group due February 2018
  • Chatbot Research – US Version due January 2018 in collaboration with Drift, MyClever, SurveyMonkey, and Salesforce

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