Content is critical for B2B marketing success. That’s nothing new.

Planning, creating, distributing, and analyzing all this content is a big challenge that is only getting bigger. That’s also nothing new.

Technology and business are inextricably tied, but is a content marketing platform the key to tackling this challenge?

Caroline Robertson, VP and B2B Marketing Research Director at Forrester alongside KC Hill, VP of Marketing at Kapost held an hour-long webinar to take a first look at Forrester’s latest research on B2B content marketing platforms and why they are the agile collaboration engine of B2B marketing content.

Caroline and KC discussed:

  • Forrester’s latest report on B2B content marketing platforms (CMPs)
  • The role of technology and CMPs in building a customer-centric marketing strategy
  • The current and future challenges of building a successful content marketing operation
  • Selecting the right content marketing platform for your organization

Sounds pretty great, right? Check it out for yourself! It’s available on-demand here.

Paralee Walls

About Paralee Walls

Paralee is the former Director of Content Operations at Kapost. An educator at heart, Paralee is dedicated to building a marketing operation that matters. That means designing digital experiences for every customer that engage, delight, and inform with the right content at right time. She is a guest lecturer for the Digital Creative Institute and General Assembly and contributor to Forbes, CMI, and Kapost's own Marketeer. See what she's up to on LinkedIn.