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Internal Communication Matters: Are you sharing content with the right people?

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Everyone knows that amazing feeling when something you’ve worked hard to prepare is complete, when it’s ready to be shown to the world, when the time and the effort and the collective brainpower of each contributor transforms an idea into a finished product.

Later, you may have also experienced the horrible feeling that no ones cares, that all the time and collective brainpower have been spent creating something useless and uninteresting to the people who should love it the most.

If you’re managing or participating in the content marketing process in your organization, you’ve probably had this experience. You work hard to produce compelling and brilliant content, but it doesn’t drive results. The social share buttons are unused, traffic doesn’t increase, the right people aren’t downloading…

Well, before you give up on the whole operation and start saying things like, “content marketing doesn’t deliver,” ask yourself the following question: Are you sharing your content with the right people within your organization?

We’ve talked before about the importance of distributing your content to your target audience, but there’s another step before content gets in front of potential buyers: you need to make sure the right people within your organization have access to it and know how to use it effectively. Why? Because these are the people who ensure content delivers results at the top, middle, bottom, and below the funnel.

As a modern marketer, these are the main teams with which you need to establish open lines of communication:

  • Social media and web: responsible for making content accessible and engaging to buyers in the top of the funnel
  • Demand generation: organize the delivery of that content so it moves buyers in the middle of the funnel closer to purchase
  • Sales: need content to close deals and deliver the sale
  • Account management: use content to keep customers happy and to upsell

Each of these teams needs quality content to share, and by delivering that content, you’ll ensure the mutual success of their initiatives, your initiatives, and those of the organization.

This is just a broad overview, but on August 1, Kapost CEO Toby Murdock is going to dig into the details during Eloqua’s Virtual Road to Revenue Event. His session, Planning and Calendaring for Content Marketing Success, will cover everything from the importance of communication across departments to the organization of marketing campaigns. And if you haven’t been to a virtual event yet, check it out. Not only will you learn a lot without ever having to leave the office, but it’s an incredible marketing strategy that may inspire your own future events.

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