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Kapost Unveils New Insights Dashboard

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Kapost Offers Only Platform for Measuring Production, Reach and Conversions
Across Your Entire Content Lifecycle

Boulder, Colo., May 13, 2015 – Kapost, the Marketing Content Engine for the world’s top marketers, unveiled the new Kapost Insights dashboard, enabling marketers to measure and optimize every asset, campaign and channel. Using a simple, intuitive interface, Kapost
provides a complete view of an organization’s content lifecycle – from tracking content production cycles to measuring the total reach, leads and revenue attributed to every asset.

“It’s no secret that for B2B marketers, tracking inbound traffic and form submits isn’t an adequate model for measuring the effectiveness of their content,” said Toby Murdock, founder and CEO of Kapost. “Kapost Insights gives you a detailed look of what content is moving buyers through the sales and marketing pipeline, what bottlenecks are slowing down your production, and how internal teams are using that content. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive dashboard for measuring content available, delivering insights – not just analytics.”

Kapost Insights is broken out into three pillars, allowing users to:

  • Monitor the health of content production: Uncover the hidden bottlenecks in content production by tracking how teams are hitting deadlines and which steps in the workflow are slowing production down. See the content coverage gaps, so every persona and buying stage gets relevant assets.
  • Understand your reach and utilization across all channels: See the entire reach ofcontent across all channels including social, web, email and more. Even further, understand which assets internal teams are viewing, sharing and amplifying.
  • Attribute leads and revenue to your content: Track which assets are driving conversions at every stage of your sales and marketing funnel. Measure the number of leads and revenue by campaign or down to the individual asset to optimize future content.

With Kapost Insights, you can take a snapshot or dig into every aspect of your content, all from a single dashboard. Kapost Insights is the one dashboard you need to manage your entire content lifecycle.

Kapost offers packages and services to best fit the needs of your marketing team. To learn more visit

About Kapost:

Kapost’s Marketing Content Engine provides a proven framework for planning, executing, distributing and optimizing the critical content that drives all of marketing. Employing easy-to-use calendaring, collaboration tools, workflows, analytics and the most robust set of integrations, Kapost standardizes and simplifies the management of your B2B content lifecycle – from generating ideas to publishing finalized assets. Kapost provides the tools you need to get the right marketing content done while measuring the impact of every asset, so you don’t waste resources but move buyers forward.


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