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Content Is Central to Marketing. Just Ask IBM.

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There are a million things on your to-do list.

Accounting reports, HR paperwork, last month’s expense report, new website concepts, edits on five documents before they’re design-ready…

Not to mention you have a haircut, bills to pay, need to pick up the kids, and you’re hosting a dinner party.

Writing original new content? Yeah right.

Shove that back down to the bottom of the list. Maybe there will be more time tomorrow.

Sound Familiar?

Producing marketing content to fuel your strategic efforts is demanding. There are ever more marketing channels and audiences, each with their own needs for style, tone, and “content type” to convey your message effectively.

And in the competitive world of buyer-focused content, creating new content can never truly be marked off the list.

Even the biggest firms know this to be true.

“IBM has the best process people in the world. They just forgot about the content,” said Taylor Stockwell Program Director, Global Digital Strategy at IBM.

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Content Isn’t a To-Do Item…

But in reality, content doesn’t need to be a separate line item, or a never-ending task on the ever-growing to-do list. Top marketers are able to bake marketing content right into the fabric of their marketing objectives.

Have an event? Original content can include: a blog post talking about the event, social language driving to a registration page, a webinar that goes over the main themes of the event.

Have a product launch? Develop content that speaks to the values of the new product, its features, and how those features compare to the competition.

Have a global campaign launch? Get influencers on board, find new channels to develop guest posts, and arm your sales team with short collateral.

Content isn’t a list item. It’s an integral part of every marketing effort.

Jean Spencer

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Jean is a Content Marketing Strategist, Cloud & Enterprise at Microsoft, focused on pushing and redefining the limits of what content marketing can be. She also likes to do crossword puzzles and rock climb.