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The Future of Content Marketing: Here’s Where We’ll Be in 2020

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The world of content marketing is bursting with energy. Tech giants are recruiting screenwriters. Content agencies are flourishing. Companies can’t seem to get enough creative writing and design work. As marketing teams become more strategic with their content marketing plans, the ROI of blog posts and white papers is rising.

The digital marketing community has seemed to find something that is “sticking,” and the reason why is clear: content is, at the end of the day, a technique for keeping audiences engaged on a human level. Content helps us discover new ideas. It helps us master new skills. It inspires us to feel happier and more empowered in our work.

Content marketing, as a discipline, is going to become more powerful. Here are some predictions as to where the world of content marketing will be in 2020:

Where Content Marketing Will be in 2020

Persona-Specific Content Will be the New Norm

As a marketer, you’re probably well-aware that audience attention spans are shrinking across the board. Your audiences are likely dealing with a combination of information overload and too few hours in the day. The marketers who are able to make a difference are in a strong position to reach their audiences with personalized, relevant information. The technology for marketers to achieve this goal successfully is continuously evolving. By 2020, personalization will be the norm. Here’s a resource from Evergage, a personalization technology provider, to learn what this landscape is going to look like.

Quality Will be the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

With marketers competing for the same sets of eyeballs, the likelihood of your content getting notice is going to grow slim. It’s not enough to just be producing content that’s relevant. You need to make sure that you’re creating some of the best resources on the market. Here are some ideas to guide you:

  • Solve a pain point in your industry
  • Share a case study that your audiences can learn from
  • Curate links to relevant content in your industry
  • Share a tactical set of tips that surprise your audience

By 2020, no marketer will be able to get away with creating mediocre content. “Amazing” will be the baseline for all marketing content. For a discussion around this trend, check out this resource from the Content Marketing Institute here.

UX Will Play a Bigger Role

When it comes to success with content marketing, you need to consider more than just the story that you’re telling. You need to understand your users in context. Are they likely to be reading your content at the doctor’s office? Are they going to be skimming your emails on their train commutes to work? Maybe your audiences are reading your content in-depth, during their down time at work. In 2020, the strongest content marketing strategies will reach audiences in distinct moments. For a guide to how companies are tackling this challenge, check out this guide, here.

Final Thoughts

The steps that you take with your content strategy today will impact your performance in the future. Focus on creating fewer, more impactful pieces that you can develop into long-form and interactive assets. Tailor your content to your audiences. Create the best resources possible. Focus on adapting and iterating upon you have. Come 2020, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Ritika Puri

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