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Is Marketing In the Middle of Content Chaos? [Infographic]

By October 28, 2013 One Comment

There’s no disputing content marketing is having its moment.

You could question whether most marketing organizations are prepared for it.

We hear all the time from marketers — from managers on up to the CMO — that they’re investing more in content. But they’re also feeling crushed, both by the rush to adopt content marketing pervading the industry and internal challenges that make it difficult to capitalize on content.

Just look at the new study we commissioned from the Aberdeen Group. The research found startling few marketers feel they’re adequately producing and tracking their content, but also that a gap is emerging between leaders and followers — one well-prepared content operations are ripe to exploit.

We call this transition period where demand is high but smart planning is in short supply “Content Chaos.” And we designed the infographic below to lay the key obstacles (and benefits) to establishing a well-tuned content operations strategy.

We’ll dive deeper into each section of the infographic over the next four weeks (stay tuned!), but for now feel free to embed it on your blog. And download a free copy of the Aberdeen Group report, “Crossing Chaos: Managing Content Marketing Transformation”, for recommendations on how manage your own transition.


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