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The Ultimate Playbook for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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B2B marketing strategy is anything but simple. Today, marketers are drowning under the everyday needs of their organizations.

You’re trying to get everyone across marketing working together—from demand generation to product marketing to communications to creative—while figuring out ways to share needed content with sales, customer support, and the C-suite. This lack of alignment means everyone’s creating content ad hoc, and your buyers are getting outdated and confusing messaging from different channels and people.

But how do you win a game? One play at a time.

To get out of content chaos, build a strategy that spans teams and marketing functions, and delivers persona-focused, consistent content to your buyer at every touchpoint.

Check out the infographic below, which introduces the four areas of the content lifecycle: plan, create, distribute, and optimize.

Ready to get started? Grab your copy of Kapost’s most comprehensive guide yet, The B2B Marketing Playbook.

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