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After scoring hundreds of companies based on the quality and frequency of new content, audience engagement and creativity, 50 brands stand above the rest. This list represents the brand innovators, executors and pioneers of content marketing.

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  • DocuSign

    What does it take to be the best of the best? Take a look at electronic signature provider DocuSign.

    Whitepapers, webinars, events, case studies and videos aimed at specific personas, buyer concerns, industries and departments beckon online visitors to the website. Then, as buyers enter the database through a demo, free trial or gated content asset, 36 automated email nurturing programs deliver timely and relevant content based on buying stage and persona.

    The results speak for themselves. DocuSign shortened their sales cycle, doubled their pipeline in 2012 and reached 127% of their goal in the first half of the year. Get a closer look at their strategy in this 30-minute session by Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation.

    Content by DocuSign: The Paperless Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • LinkedIn

    Aiming to be “the definitive professional publishing platform,” LinkedIn is on target. Not only is it the leading professional network, but in the past year it's become a content powerhouse.

    It’s influencer channels feature Bill Gates, Richard Branson and hundreds of other thought leaders who consistently share insights and articles with their millions of followers. LinkedIn also personalizes content based on self-selected interests, professions and industries, highlighting relevant influencer posts and pulling from major online publications.

    The content doesn’t stop there. LinkedIn produces fresh blogs, SlideShare channels, webinars, webcasts, tip sheets and articles for their target audiences. Job seekers, sales professionals, marketers and recruiters all have focused “hubs” and resources.

    Developing this content platform has solidified LinkedIn’s position as the place where business happens online.

    Content by LinkedIn: 9 Qualities of Truly Confident People

  • IBM

    IBM produces a lot of content, but it’s the quality and breadth that set them apart.

    Early adopters of corporate blogging, the technology multinational has a massive network of executives and influencers actively publishing to company channels, as well as topic-specific hubs with blog posts, case studies and social feeds. Featuring high-quality journalism and videos, IBM’s content demonstrates their depth of expertise and speaks to their corporate mission: innovation that matters to the company and the world.

    Creating intelligent content reflects the core attributes of their brand, ensuring IBM maintains its reputation as trusted provider of solutions for some of the world’s largest problems.

    Content by IBM: Cognitive Computing - Artificial Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence

  • Xerox

    Xerox has taken an innovative approach to the company’s content, an essential element of its success.

    Among the highlights, Xerox created Healthbiz Decoded to meet the needs of the healthcare sector, a substantial market for its sales. Light on promotion and heavy on education, this is a portal for health professionals looking for new perspectives on industry trends and news.

    The brand also diversified its distribution strategy. Partnering with Forbes to syndicate content, the company reaches thousands of executives and entrepreneurs every day.

    Content by Xerox: Hospital Price Transparency - Boon or Bust for Your Practice?

  • HubSpot

    Widely known as the leading executor of and resource on inbound marketing, HubSpot never stops evolving their content marketing strategies.

    The Inbound Marketing Blog publishes new posts several times a day, HubSpot’s YouTube channel houses everything from interviews with thought leaders to hilarious parodies, and a sleek resources page provides plenty of educational information for the digital marketer. But why stop there? HubSpot’s online academy teaches marketers everything they need to know about executing an effective inbound strategy.

    Constant creativity, dedication to their buyers and a willingness to push boundaries make HubSpot a regular destination for experienced digital marketers.

    Content by HubSpot: HubSpot Academy

  • NYSE Big Stage

    Looking for new ways to reach consumers, the New York Stock Exchange invented the Big Stage platform.

    “Brands are publishers, and this platform is our way of co-owning the message with consumers,” said Marisa Ricciardi, CMO of NYSE. “ We decided to take it from a listed-company perspective because these companies have interesting stories to tell. They’re inspiring.”

    To create a dynamic newsroom, NYSE joined forces with Digitas and Time Inc. Using an editorial calendar, the team is able to keep in contact with external and internal contributors. Brilliant storytelling, thought leadership and sharp design makes NYSE a leading destination.

    Content by NYSE Big Stage: Measuring Clicks and Counting Dollars

  • Red Bull

    Jumping from space, cliff diving and snowboarding. These are just a few things Red Bull sponsors to create mind-blowing content for their dedicated audience. Association with extreme athletes and crazy stunts has given the energy drink company a brand personality to be reckoned with.

    Beyond sports drinks, Red Bull is also an established media company. They publish magazines, TV shows and even films. With this media powerhouse driving their efforts, Red Bull continues to produce adrenalin-pumping content marketing.

    Content by Red Bull: Mission to the Edge of Space

  • Sun Life Financial

    Covering money, health, family and career advice, Sun Life Financial's Brighter Life site has become a trusted source of information on everyday questions and concerns.

    Expanding beyond the constraints of insurance-specific topics, the company has successfully attracted a family-centric audience in the process of making important decisions for their futures. With quizzes, calculators and tools for financial planning, Sun Life offers potential customers invaluable services and support for life’s more complicated moments.

    Content by Sun Life Financial: Financial Habits Quiz

  • Anthropologie

    Anthropologie doesn’t just curate stylish clothes; they also curate chic content. The retailer’s blog includes cocktail recipes, fashion trends, home ideas and interviews with designers, creating a distinct brand personality and giving customers a glimpse inside the company.

    Featuring a friendly yet sophisticated voice along with beautiful design, their website resembles a work of art. At Anthropologie, everything from their content to their in-store decor creates a feeling of comfort and charm.

    Content by Anthropologie: It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere - Aperol Spritz

  • American Express

    American Express’ OPEN Forum offers advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Since the forum’s beginning in 2007, the credit card giant has embraced its reputation as a leading content marketer.

    “We found that leveraging the voice of experts in our space, rather than our own has been really successful at driving engagement. We’ve also started to leverage data to understand what people who are coming to us want to learn about,” says Jennifer Eldin, VP of Digital Innovation and Content Strategy.

    Focusing on giving value rather than promoting their own marketing initiatives has given American Express a massive audience of potential customers.

    Content by American Express: 10 Business Lessons You Should Know by Age 40

  • Kelly OCG

    Showcasing knowledge on recruitment and outsourcing, Kelly OCG’s website is a content-driven destination for talent and workforce solutions. Packed with rich content such as ebooks, videos of their leading consultants and superb blog articles, the site explores the needs of recruiters, managers and job-seekers.

    Dig into their site and you’ll find infographics unravelling complex ideas, whitepapers helping executives become better leaders and articles examining the future of the modern workplace. With a reputation for being ahead of the curve on several trends, their audience trusts their work and values their content.

    Content by Kelly OCG: HR & the Workplace of the Future

  • Etsy

    Etsy, the beloved e-commerce website dedicated to makers and appreciators of handmade and vintage goods, shares the stories behind the tens of millions of items featured on their site. The company's blog and interviews with leading artisans about their work sold on Etsy have since attracted a loyal and broad audience.

    Etsy’s current editorial strategy is to cover popular topics at the moment. “We’re very engaged with the lifestyle blogosphere … what other blogs are covering, and how can we play against that. A lot of it is trend watching … it’s not like living in a bubble — you really have to keep your feelers out,” says editor-in-chief Alison Feldmann.

    Content by Etsy: When I Grow Up

  • Intel

    With IQ zine Intel took a significant step toward content-centric marketing. With original and aggregated articles and videos, the site covers groundbreaking ideas around technology’s impact on our lives and future.

    “We’ve learned successful content marketing is all about optimizing your distribution for the modern content ecosystem," says Luke Kintigh, Global Content Strategist and Managing Editor of iQ. "Working with over 30 strategic content partners for both content development and distribution, iQ has evolved from a ‘brand as publisher’ to a ‘brand as publishing network.’ It’s critical to have a post-destination web approach with all of the touch points available to today’s consumers.”

    Paired with PSFK Labs, Intel has the journalistic muscle to cover interesting stories within their company. iQ also aggregates relevant content shared by employees and places it in the “trending” section on the site, taking advantage of internal resources and expertise.

    Content by Intel: With No Camera Required, Armband Converts Gestures Into Device Controls

  • General Electric

    Through several content portals, General Electric regularly reaches their markets with great ideas and stories. Healthymagination looks at healthcare, GE Aviation covers innovation in aircraft technology and Txchnologist examines science and technology.

    Keeping eyes and data focused on their user, though, is what drives GE to continuously produce outstanding content. “At the end of the day, if the content isn’t good enough for the end user to want to share it with a friend or colleague, we haven’t quite succeeded,” says Katrina Craigwell, Digital Content Lead. The excellent journalists on staff have a knack for explaining complex ideas in easily digestible terms, making these sites educational destinations on fascinating topics.

    Content by General Electric: Water-Based Battery Could Extend Electric Car Range

  • Coca-Cola

    Known in the content marketing world for their Content 2020 strategy, Coca-Cola continues to inspire marketers with an unparalleled dedication to storytelling. Their mission to connect people through and with their brand is beautifully supported by original content -- so much so that it resulted in more budget allocated towards content marketing over TV advertisements.

    Their corporate website, branded as Coca-Cola Journey, features opinions, workplace advice and recipes as well as celebrity news. The spectrum of topics reflects the wide range of people who consume the company’s products. With effective and connective content, Coca-Cola raises the bar on better marketing, inspiring other big brands to do the same.

    Content by Coca-Cola: Millennials at Work: Three Rules for Career Success

  • Content Marketing Institute

    Content Marketing Institute is the top destination for content marketing news, events, jobs and resources. The site features educational content for marketers of all levels, including whitepapers, webinars and detailed research into content marketing trends and benchmarks. They also host Content Marketing World, an annual conference attracting thousands of professionals from across the globe.

    Influencing CMOs, supporting content professionals and spreading best practices in content marketing, the brand has become fundamental for the modern marketer.

    Content by Content Marketing Institute: How to Land the Content Marketing Job of Your Dreams

  • Indium

    The goal of Indium’s blogs is to connect engineers with engineers. The highly technical articles may only reach a small audience, but the depth of conversation is intensely valuable to professionals in the industry. HubSpot reported that inbound leads increased 600% once Indium began blogging.

    On top of lead generation, Indium’s blogs support recruitment efforts by providing employees with a platform to discuss the company culture. It’s a reminder that successful marketing isn’t about the number of Twitter followers you amass, but the depth of connection you build with the right audience.

    Content by Indium: Nanofoil® Reaction: Slow-motion

  • Buffer

    Buffer grew its blog to 700,000 monthly readers in under 3 years.

    Struggling to get featured on TechCrunch and the other prominent tech blogs, founder Leo Widrich decided to take things into his own hands. Guest blogging on popular sites won Buffer an initial audience, and now they engage buyers on their own blog with high-quality articles on a variety of subjects ranging from life hacks to customer happiness.

    “When writing a post, I get into a mindset to answer just this one question with a ‘Yes’: ‘Would anyone email this article to a friend?’” says Widrich. Content marketing has transformed Buffer from a nascent startup into a profitable company. Its future is getting brighter by the blog post.

    Content by Buffer: From 0 to 1,000,000 customers. The Journey and Statistics of Buffer

  • General Mills

    By creating a portal for recipes, General Mills found a way of bringing the home-cooking community together with their Tablespoon site. Separating recipes into sections both fun and functional, users can self-select based on their needs and desires. Playful design and language set it apart from your average recipe site.

    A top-notch network of bloggers also share recipes both branded and product-agnostic, empowering the company’s audience to get creative with cooking. With Tablespoon, General Mills has built a true community of cooks “sharing joyful noms.”

    Content by General Mills: 17 Waffle Flavors You Never Knew Existed

  • CEB

    With an esteemed reputation and authoritative research, CEB guides executives in every area from HR to IT to Sales and Marketing. CEB teaches and educates with their industry-specific blogs, videos, webinars and reports. Their bestselling book, The Challenger Sale, has become the talk of the enterprise.

    The book speaks to the importance of educating and informing buyers, challenging them to stay ahead of trends and consider new perspectives. CEB’s content does exactly that. An authority on business best practices, they constantly challenge current strategies to help their audience be even more successful.

    Content by Corporate Executive Board: 1 in 5 Employees Should Never Have Been Hired

  • Farmers Insurance Group

    Farmers focuses on evergreen content. The insurance giant’s Farmers University helps visitors plan for their financial futures, especially during life’s significant events such as buying a car, getting married or retiring.

    Humor is pervasive. In 15 Seconds of Smart, Farmers shares funny videos about avoiding major disasters. The content is short and sweet, perfect for keeping their buyers’ attention. It’s the perfect example of sharing information your audience enjoys while delivering on business goals.

    Content by Farmers Insurance Group: 15 Seconds of Smart - Get Better Passwords

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Stanford chose their blog wisely. On Tumblr -- predominantly used by 18-24 year olds -- Stanford shares fresh, relevant content with the bright young people in their target demographic.

    Stanford’s “A Week in the Life” series gives prospective MBA students a look into what Business School might be like for them. It opens up their university to the public and gives students a glimpse into the “Stanford experience,” both academic and social. The lesson? Go where your audience is and give them a reason to listen.

    Content by Stanford Graduate School of Business: 10 Core Business Values That Really Matter

  • ion Interactive

    ion Interactive’s platform helps B2B and B2C companies and marketing agencies create, track and analyze effective landing pages, microsites and mobile experiences. Teaching marketers about the latest best practices, the company has become a trusted resource on landing pages and effective conversion tactics.

    Resources include visual and compelling case studies broken down by company type, webinars with internal experts, detailed whitepapers and a regularly updated blog with useful information for digital marketers. An evangelist for modern marketing, ion Interactive provides innovative tools and resources to drive results.

    Content by ion Interactive: 12-Point Landing Page Testing Process

  • Marketo

    Creative, valuable, fun. Nearly every piece of content created by Marketo hits all three points. The marketing automation company’s content has an immediately recognizable personality, style and usefulness.

    Marketo helps marketers succeed in all area of their profession by covering topics such as content marketing, social media, email marketing, sales and marketing alignment and lead management. And the variety of content types on Marketo’s website shows their dedication to innovation. Infographics, blog posts, eBooks, guides, coloring books, presentations, webinars--the list goes on.

    Content by Marketo: The Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book

  • Gensler

    Examining the future of design, Gensler has created a true thought leadership blog. As one of the world’s largest architecture firms, they reach their audience through fascinating content around the future of cities and how we operate within them.

    Gensler goes into detail about work environments, city design and creative adaptation in architecture as our world changes. The blog is thoughtful and well-designed, providing prospects with an experience reflective of Gensler's brand and professional values.

    Content by Gensler: What Will the Campus Become?

  • First Round Capital

    With stories from the front lines of venture capital, the First Round Review quickly became a go-to resource for startups and entrepreneurs. The Review goes beyond startup news and focuses on useful advice for young companies.

    First Round creates content that serves two valuable purposes: showing off their expertise while simultaneously supporting entrepreneurs who may need funding in the future. By sharing the stories of others who have succeeded (and specifically, people they’ve invested in), First Round builds relationships with the people that matter most to their business.

    Content by First Round Capital: The Management Framework That Propelled LinkedIn to Become a $20 Billion Company

  • Birchbox

    Online retailer Birchbox creates beautiful, lifestyle-focused content in the form of a monthly magazine for women and guide for men. These large, well-executed assets (what we call content pillars) are available in full or as smaller assets such as videos, slideshows and articles.

    The brand uses video to share helpful style and product tips, connecting with their audience on a deeper, friendly level. A great conversion strategy, Birchbox includes links in their YouTube videos to drive traffic and ultimately sales directly from content assets.

    Content by Birchbox: 5 Things We Can’t Live Without Right Now: September 2013

  • KISSmetrics

    At KISSmetrics, they practice what they preach. Helping online shops and SaaS products improve their online marketing efforts and increase conversions, KISSmetrics implements their suggested tricks and tactics flawlessly. Both popular guest writers and internal experts contribute to their blog, earning KISSmetrics a loyal -- and gigantic -- audience.

    Take a look at their beautifully designed infographics, which are widely shared and embedded across the web including on sites such as Fast Company and Buffer. All of KISSmetrics’ content is high-quality, and their impressive output keeps audiences engaged and coming back for more.

    Content by KISSmetrics: How Colors Affect Conversions [Infographic]

  • Allstate Group & Esurance

    Allstate has long been on the radar of content marketing practitioners. Their main blog is a go-to resource for disaster prevention tips, preparation how-tos for any situation and financial responsibility. The brand’s regularly updated blog and site share locally relevant information, quizzes around your insurance personality and calculators helping customers plan for retirement.

    Esurance, an Allstate company, is also making a name for itself. The resources on their site debunk myths about credit, insurance and driving. Fun animated videos provide how-tos on common auto challenges, such as jump starting a car or parking on a hill. On their blog a cadre of writers answer questions and create useful articles on cars, safety and apartments or homes.

    Content by Allstate: Storm Shelter? Safe Room? Build Your Own Ultimate Secure Shelter [Infographic]

    Content by Esurance: Does Music Make You an Unsafe Driver?

  • Forrester Research

    Forrester Research’s content delivers insights to decision-makers and explains the impact of technology to executives. Analysts don’t just talk the talk, but share new research on the company site and guest post for sites in target verticals.

    Forrester also hosts Leadership Boards where executives in certain fields are brought together every month to share best practices and ideas, which help Forrester analysts keep research and content relevant to their target audiences. Providing reassurance by hosting these meetings help Forrester command the reputation it has today.

    Content by Forrester Research: Prepare For the Mobile Revolution

  • SAS

    Scaling a content marketing strategy can be difficult in large organizations, but SAS has generated incredible company-wide buy-in beyond most companies their size, with several blog posts and contributors from across the organization.

    Connecting the public to their people, ideas and products, SAS never loses sight of their potential customers. By filming tech talks and interviewing their experts, the enterprise software company showcases the intelligence of their employees, builds their reputation as a technology authority and teaches prospects how to succeed whether or not they’re a SAS customer.

    Content by SAS: Tech Talk - Behind the Scenes with SAS Data Management

  • Cisco

    Taking advantage of their global reach and reputation, Cisco uses content marketing to expand their conversations on technology across industries and timezones.

    Webcasts about breakthroughs in technology reaches target customers, and their prolific blog output taps into the knowledgebase of both internal and external contributors. But the content isn’t limited to Cisco products. The company regularly publishes thought-leadership and educational information on a huge variety of topics and in multiple languages.

    Content by Cisco: Calling All Extroverts! Why You’re Wired to Collaborate

  • Equinix

    If you’re looking for content that moves buyers down the funnel, take a close look at Equinix. Their Insight Center showcases content for all stages of the funnel, including blogs, social, video, webinars, whitepapers and case studies.

    Equinix uses their content efforts to counter customers’ problems and clinch business opportunities. Beyond product-focused content, they provide valuable insights into industry-specific topics and know how to speak to target buyers about their needs and questions.

    Content by Equinix: How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek - The Cloud

  • Moz (formerly SEOMoz)

    Dedicated to “better marketing,” Moz helps those in SEO transition away from black hat tactics to marketing strategies that offer consumers real value. Education is central to their site, and Rand Fishkin, the CEO, founder and face of Moz, continues to teach the popular Whiteboard Friday videos.

    By creating content that helps marketers improve performance, they’ve won a huge following. They’ve since developed several tools and pieces of software that support best practices, which means their content is busy making the case for their products long before purchase.

    Content by Moz: Whiteboard Friday - Solving the Pogo-Stick Problem

  • Altimeter Group

    Altimeter Group, a leading research firm, tirelessly creates some of the most effective thought-leadership content on the web. A key piece of their success is feedback and idea generation directly from their audience. Inviting people to webinars gives executives a chance to ask questions, while also providing analysts with an opportunity to tap into the topics concerning Altimeter Group’s target market.

    Publishing research and ideas from some of the most influential analysts such as Rebecca Lieb, Jeremiah Owyang and Brian Solis, their content attracts advisory, consulting and research projects from the world’s largest companies.

    Content by Altimeter Group: Define and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape

  • Towers Watson

    At Towers Watson, the focus is consistently on the buyer. Every website page and content asset speaks to the needs of a target audience or industry. Visitors to the site can easily find best practices for facing their business challenges, for example, accelerating growth in Asia or getting executive pay right. Also, by designing sleek and informative infographics, Towers Watson transforms complex topics into digestible information.

    Knowledge Central showcases thought-leadership and resources, interspersed with client success stories that link to relevant articles, solutions and topics for further reading. An invaluable resource on business news and issues, their content keeps business professionals engaged.

    Content by Towers Watson: Employers Act to Avoid Excise Tax (Infographic)

  • Adobe

    Seizing an opportunity to reach senior marketers, Adobe created the coveted CMO.com domain. Interviewing CMOs and sharing the latest in marketing topics including traditional, digital, research and management, Adobe is helping high-level marketers make better decisions across industries.

    Adobe-Students offers tutorials on design including t-shirts, Facebook cover photos, music videos and backstage passes. The site showcases breathtaking projects by students using Adobe tools. Creative competitions keep customers engaged and help nail two specific goals: recruit brilliant young minds to work at Adobe and create life-long customers.

    Content by Adobe: Adobe Students: T-shirt Gallery

  • Autodesk

    The Autodesk website is a go-to destination for inspiration for engineers and designers in niche industries. Area, their active community, hosts a mind-blowing “showcase” section featuring the work of users and highlighting a new artist every month. This collection of images, videos and portfolios attracts the attention and interest of the design and computer animation community.

    The site also has jobs section for companies seeking artists, coders and agencies proficient with the Autodesk software, ensuring the company stays a must-bookmark resource. And content plays a big role in making customers succeed with a creative YouTube channel, blogs dedicated to each product line, as well as training and education centers.

    Content by Autodesk: "Fix It in Post" - How Autodesk Smoke Was Used to Make a Film

  • Salesforce

    Already an impressive producer of highly-readable, idea-rich and actionable content, Salesforce recently consolidated all of their blogs in a single location, making navigation that much easier. Three to four new posts published per day, readers always have a reason to come back.

    The cloud computing standard bearer churns out videos, webinars, eBooks and case studies from some of the hottest names in business. Content hits buyers with the information they need at every stage of their journey, but doesn’t stop once the deal is closed. Customers can pose questions, get answers and access helpful resources inside a robust user community.

    Content by Salesforce: The 3 Influencing Factors of Accelerating Sales Cycles

  • ExactTarget

    ExactTarget has found the “sweet spot” between buyers’ interests and an organization’s expertise. Both their products and content focus on a single goal: to help marketing professionals drive revenue for their organizations.

    Useful, educational information keeps visitors coming back for more, and their newsletter drives consistent traffic from over 50,000 subscribers. The blog is updated multiple times a day with infographics, whitepapers, case studies and cutting-edge research.

    The company provides everything needed to navigate the shifting trends and challenges facing marketers today. Now merged with Salesforce, we expect even better content to come.

    Content by ExactTarget: How to Reach Today’s Digital Traveller

  • Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)

    Known for credit scoring, FICO also works with healthcare, insurance, marketing and retail verticals. On-demand webinars show how companies can fight debit card fraud, use big data for marketing and optimize business models.

    Publishing several industry-specific blogs helps target decision-makers with relevant information related to their concerns and needs. The FICO labs section of their blog details the intersection of banking analytics and decision management. Well-executed content helps the company remain a primary choice for banks, retailers and other data-intensive industries.

    Content by Fair Isaac Corporation: How Banks are Taking Big Data Lessons From Retailers

  • Electronic Arts

    Pay attention, tap into interests and join the conversation. That describes the heart of EA’s content marketing strategy.

    The company created a “listening engine,” measuring social buzz around games, establishing game-specific channels and generating real-time memes and reactions during actual sporting events. “Before, all you had was gut and subjective experience. Now we have this instant response from the marketplace at all times," says Laura Miele, Head of Global Marketing.

    EA then amplifies their content with strategic partnerships with brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nike.

    Content by Electronic Arts: Madden 25: Running Back

  • Squarespace

    Stories are deeply woven into the fabric of Squarespace’s marketing. Prospective buyers are walked through the experiences of current customers with polished video and beautiful design.

    Online and in-person workshops help current and potential customers tackle the challenges they face when building their own websites. Hosting meetups around the world in 71 locations and Squarespace’s well-placed sponsorships of niche, but avidly followed, podcasts ensure they reach the creative set.

    Content by Squarespace: Squarespace Create Your Own Space

  • Intuit

    Intuit is one of the most consistent and successful adopters of content marketing. A smart blog tackles the biggest trends and concerns of small business owners. Through engaging campaigns such as Love a Local Business and Small Business Big Game, the brand has earned a reputation as an advocate for, not just vendor to, small businesses.

    Intuit doesn’t neglect personal finance, another category they serve. The company cranks out sometimes quirky, but always intriguing, content on the must-knows of finance. They clearly realize the value of the “Huh, I didn’t know that” factor of content marketing.

    Content by Intuit: The High Cost of Being a Single Man (Infographic)

  • Harvard Business School

    Harvard Business School’s content both leverages and supports their worldwide reputation. The school gives an online space for faculty and students to exchange ideas, share passions and posit ideas that could one day transform the way we do business.

    HBS gives its audience a number of ways to digest the latest perspectives and research - from podcasts and blog posts to seminars and eBooks. Conversations are also nurtured on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which attract not only students and professors, but prominent business leaders.

    Content by Harvard Business School: Status: How and Why it Matters

  • Invitrogen Corporation

    Invitrogen, a global life sciences corporation, features content on a myriad of topics from new research to lab tips. The company hosts webinars, has a social hub bringing together Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content and regularly updates their science- and health-focused blog.

    Captivating content can be found on the New Ideas page and in the Life in the Lab magazine, which is published both in print and online. Stories range from bold visionary ideas to specific ways recent tech is changing the lab. Serious stuff, but Invitrogen flourishes with a playful touch, using quizzes and games to keep people coming back.

    Content by Invitrogen Corporation: Life in the Lab Magazine

  • Gov.uk

    Put all the government services in one place and make it interesting. That’s the task Gov.uk faced and met. It's now an easy to navigate, content-focused hub that exceeded expectations and set a hard-to-beat standard.

    Structured in a clear and clean style, the public can access the important information they need -- and quickly. Simplicity is key, and quality, up-to-date information makes Gov.uk a valuable resource on often headache-inducing topics and questions. For example, how much does it cost and how long does it take to renew a passport? How do you change your name after marriage or civil union? It’s all here.

    Content by Gov.uk: Guide to Taxable Income

  • Eloqua

    Armed with valuable knowledge and experience, Eloqua creates educational content supporting marketers in their evolution to modern, cutting-edge tactics that drive revenue for their organizations.

    Their blog, “It’s All About Revenue,” focuses on exactly what it claims, showing marketers how to drive more traffic, generate more leads and track the ROI of their efforts. The company’s resources library is stacked with guides and new whitepapers. And its latest Content Grid is an excellent resource for planning a content strategy.

    Content by Eloqua: 4 Fantastic Fundamentals of Modern Marketing From Stan Lee

  • Dell

    With social savvy and playful updates (see #DellDefinitions), Dell engages across several channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Tech Page One combines original and curated content focused on technology, business and lifestyle to reach likely buyers of Dell’s IT solutions.

    “People coming in through inbound marketing are the highest-quality leads that close the fastest,” said Rishi Dave, executive director of digital marketing. “Our biggest focus now is how we bring all these content strategies together to manage a robust funnel and increase inbound traffic and lead generation.”

    Content by Dell: In IT Hiring, Compare Tech Training to Experience

  • Whole Foods Market

    Beautiful pictures, fantastic videos and expert journalism make Whole Foods' online magazine Dark Rye a real treat. Telling stories about farmers and recipes turn food into an exquisite experience.

    The blog is just as delicious. Engaging customers with healthy recipes, showing them how they can avoid genetically-modified foods and sharing videos with artisan food producers, the digital content mirrors the in-store experience and draws on the Whole Foods corporate values.

    Content by Whole Foods Market: Cooking Wild Pig Tacos Texas Style